Tribal fashion in modern world – Banjara jewellery


Designers often turn to origins in search of inspiration and new id

eas. That’s why we can say that popular statement jewelry might came into vogue from Banjara culture. Banjara are community of nomadic people from Indian state Rajasthan. The Banjara tattoos, embroidery, painting and jewelry make a meaningful aspect of the Banjara identity.

Thinking about India we imagine something colorful, spicy, bohemian, cryptic, tribal and gypsy. Their culture stays inexhaustible source of inspiration for many artists for many years.

Talking about jewellery it seems that all the hottest trends are gathered in one Banjara style. Just look at their massive bright necklaces, which can make a huge fashion statement in our modern world with any outfit. If you are brave fashion pioneer and ready for experiment, Banjara style jewellery is exactly what you need this summer. The less is not the best.

Try on few statement necklaces at once making stylish multilayer. Banjara necklaces impress with its magnificent details. Made from a single metal, this exquisite grey jewellery looks so bohemian with naturally bright Indian cloth.

Banjara jewellery is made from natural materials only, but it’s amazing how stylish and classy it completes any outfit. Stunning statement bracelets with massive or layered rings seems too much? But not for Indian women and for sure not for stylish fashionistas. Multilayer stays in trend and allows us to break the rules and go beyond our comfort zone.

A lot of jewellery addicted fashionistas have already tried on the Banjara style, beautifying hands with statement rings and bracelets at once. And look what they got! Amazing and divine look!

Banjara culture is unique and very interesting, their jewellery, unlike any other tribe, inspires many jewellery designers for new masterpieces and modern stylists for new looks. Learning more about Indian jewellery you can discover a lot of edgy statement necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and even hair accessories.

In particular all these worn at once are composing the unique look of brave and simply beautiful Banjara woman.

It’s amazing how fashionable and classy Indian women look not even thinking about vogue and trends, and how much time we spend to look so effortlessly fashionable.